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Magic Rainbow Ball and 3x3x3 Cube 2.0 cm will no longer be FunCubing events.

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Name Country Competitions Competitors Events
Owen Borstad CA Canada Junior Judge 1 49
Laurids Abelsen Holm DK Denmark Junior Judge 1 0
Clément Cherblanc FR France Middle Judge 7 51
Damir Zhanataev KZ Kazakhstan Junior Judge 1 23
Alexey Yarygin RU Russia Senior Judge 14 272

Darya Belonogova RU Russia Junior Judge 3 55
Deni Mintsaev RU Russia Middle Judge 3 67
Ivan Torgashov RU Russia Junior Judge 4 57
Ivan Zavgorodniy RU Russia Junior Judge 1 16
Konstantin Solovyev RU Russia Senior Judge 12 361

Nikita Razzamazov RU Russia Middle Judge 7 150
Nikolay Vasilyev RU Russia Middle Judge 3 39
Roman Povolotskii RU Russia Junior Judge 2 23
Vladimir Kuznetsov RU Russia Senior Judge 11 298

Lev Golub UA Ukraine Junior Judge 5 55
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