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Unofficial events regulations replace/supplement WCA Regulations.

GB 3x3x3 Cube Team Blindfolded RU

There are two members in a team.
The team needs to bring their own puzzle.
The legality of the puzzle is determined in the same way as the 3x3x3 event on the WCA.
Before the attempt, the competitors decide who will solve the puzzle (solver) and who will instruct them (speaker).
They must tell the judge who does what before each attempt.
The solver puts on a blindfold before inspection and doesn't remove it until the end of the solve (the timer is stopped).
The team has 15 seconds for the speaker to inspect the puzzle and for the solver to start the timer.
During inspection both competitors may touch the cube.
After the solver starts the timer, only he/she may touch the cube and the timer.
Physical contact between the competitors is not allowed.
Both competitors may talk at any time.
Penalties and whether or not the puzzle is solved are determined in the same way as the 3x3x3 event on the WCA.

GB 3x3x3 Cube Rescramble RU

Two cubes given: one scrambled, one solved.
Goal: match the scramble on solved cube.
Competitor can touch bouth cubes. Can't turn scrambled.

GB Oven Mitt Challenge RU

Same as 3x3x3 Cube but competitor has oven mitts on his hands.

GB Mirror Cube Blindfolded RU

Same as 3x3x3 Blindfolded but without inspection time. The competitor puts on a blindfold before attempt start.

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