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Tomsk Cube Days 2019 7WCA

Nov 09 - 10, 2019 ▪ Judge Nikita Razzamazov
Russia ▪ Tomsk

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Registration will close on November 2 at 19:00 local time.
All UE will be held on Saturday, November 9, in the evening after all official events.

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Все НД пройдут в субботу, 9 ноября, вечером после всех официальных дисциплин.

3x3x3 Cube Team Blindfolded 3 Redi Cube 6

3x3x3 Cube Team Blindfolded ▪ Register

Менять напарника на чемпионате запрещено.
Changing a partner in the championship is prohibited.

RegulationsTeam has 2 competitorsAverage of 5 ▪ Cutoff 02:00 ▪ Limit 03:00 ▪ 3 of 20 teams

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